Seymour, Huff, Palmer Restructure is reporting that Richard Seymour, Michael Huff, and Carson Palmer have all restructured their contracts to help alleviate the Raiders’ cap woes.

It is being reported that Seymour and Huff have turned a large bulk of their current year’s salary into future signing bonuses, to be spread out over multiple years. These two have save Oakland nearly $11 million in cap room this year, though it will push their future numbers even higher in future years.

Should Carson Palmer’s restructure be the same, it would save the Raiders roughly $10 million in cap this year. His deal is not yet known, though, judging by the first two, this is the likeliest restructuring scenario.

As I highlighted in my post titled “Potential Cap Saving Moves”, these were three guys I pegged for restructuring. Now, if GM Reggie McKenzie can convince linebackers Kamerion Wimbley and Aaron Curry to restructure, the Raiders 2012-13 cap woes will be solved (I recommended releasing Tommy Kelly in that same post; we wouldn’t have to if these two agree to adjusted deals).


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