Leinart or Sorgi?

It is being reported that the Raiders are interested in the services of both Matt Leinart and Jim Sorgi to backup starter Carson Palmer. This backup position has been identified as a need all offseason, but GM Reggie McKenzie waited, knowing that there were many options that could be had for cheaper as OTAs approached. Project Terrelle Pryor and unkown Rhett Bomar are the only other quarterbacks currently on the roster, so it makes sense to be shopping for a veteran backup. Leinart and Sorgi come from different backgrounds but have had similarly unproductive NFL careers. Here’s a look at each guy.

Matt Leinart – Age: 28. Height/Weight: 6’5″, 234 lbs. Drafted: Round 1, Pick 10 of the 2006 NFL Draft


Leinart had high hopes coming out of USC. He was a Heisman Trophy winner (back-to-back finalist) and National Champion (back-to-back appearances). It all goes downhill from here. He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with the hopes that his accuracy and decision-making would make-up for a lack of arm strength. However, he was never able to supplant veteran Kurt Warner in his time in Arizona. He had his chances, but was unimpressive. Leinart spent the last two seasons with the Houston Texans, where he backed up Matt Schaub. In his one chance to prove himself as a starter once again, he suffered a season ending collarbone fracture against the Jaguars in Week 12 of this past season. He’s familiar with Gregg Knapp’s offense, however, and at one time had high potential that has yet to be realized.

Career Stats: 31 games, 57.6% Completion, 3,950 yards passing, 15 TD/20 INT, 71.6 Passer Rating

Jim SorgiAge: 31. Height/Weight: 6’5″, 196 lbs. Drafted: Round 6, Pick 193 of the 2004 NFL Draft


Sorgi had some success with the Wisonsin Badgers, but was not a highly touted prospect coming out of college. He’s known throughout the NFL as Peyton Manning’s backup; not the best reputation to have. But with that moniker has to come with it some sort of knowledge gained. Surely, six years of clipboard holding made him a student of the game. If nothing else, he is a veteran NFL backup quarterback who can be smart and accurate if he is called upon.

Career Stats: 14 games, 63.5% Completion, 929 yards passing, 6 TD/1 INT, 89.9 Passer Rating

My Take:

While Sorgi’s numbers indicate better (safer) quarterback play, he doesn’t have nearly the sample size. Leinart has vital starting experience, and already has experience in the Gregg Knapp system. Both guys are check-down artists (Leinart: 6.5 ypa, Sorgi: 5.96 ypa) and should not actually see the field. Should Carson Palmer experience an injury (knock on wood), either guy would be a better option in reserve than what is currently on the Raiders’ roster. Leinart seems to be a slightly better option, but what do you think?